Black Maca & Creatine

Black Maca & Creatine

Maca is a product native to the Central Andes of Peru, resistant to hailstorms, frosts and prolonged droughts. It is cultivated since the Inca times at altitudes between 3800 to 4500 m.s. This herbaceous plant presents not only a high nutritional value but is also valued for its medicinal role.

Creatine is a nitrogenous organic acid found naturally in our muscles and nerve cells. A molecule of protein origin that is synthesized from certain amino acids present in foods of animal origin, mainly in meat and fish. 95% of what is present in our body is concentrated in the skeletal muscle because it is where it carries out its main functions. The remaining 5% is distributed in the brain, heart and testicles (in man).


The maca presents an important content in carbohydrates and proteins; the fat, on the other hand, is very small, highlighting the glucosinolates, sterols, fatty acids (macaeno) and their respective amides (macamides), alkaloids (lepidilins A and B, macaridin) and polyphenols.

Creatine in the organism combined with phosphate form phosphocreatine, responsible for the synthesis of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) from ADP (adenosindiphosphate) by means of a reaction catalyzed by the enzyme creatine kinase.


Maca has been consumed for many years due to its special properties, used for the increase of sexual hormones, energizing, revitalizing and producing resistance, promoting mental clarity and improving chronic fatigue syndrome.

The population consumes the dehydrated hypocotyls, boiled in water until they are soft, the softened mass being consumed, they are also consumed baked, such as fermented juices, chicha de Maca or Maca liqueur. Creatine has always been consumed in the daily diet, through the consumption of meat or fish. Currently black maca with creatine is generally consumed by athletes, due to the properties they provide in the body.

Black Maca & Creatine

Antioxidant activity

The perfect combination of maca and creatine help to neutralize free radicals (causing cancer, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes) present in the blood, acting as oxygen scavengers and not showing toxic side effects.

Energizing action

Studies indicate that the consumption of this combination stimulates the metabolism to lose fat and promote the increase of muscle mass, being attractive for its use by those who perform demanding physical activity, as athletes, of great importance during the contraction of skeletal muscle and recovery after a physical effort.

Maximizes performance

It increases the resistance of the organism, the maca presents great metabolic properties, increasing testosterone in a natural way, and with the intake of creatine significantly increases ATP and muscle phosphocreatine, leading to a significant improvement in performance, especially towards the end of the series of high intensity and short duration exercises.

Prevention against osteoporosis

Based on studies in rats and humans indicated that maca consumption prevents bone loss presenting effects on osteoporosis similar to estradiol, likewise studies in the central Andes shows that maca consumers have lower fracture rates than those in the same area as do not consume maca, it was also found that creatine can be used as a coadjuvant in the healing of fractures, strengthening the mineral density of the bones.

Improves brain function

Researchers have focused on the health implications to demonstrate their value in the treatment of neurodegenerative, vascular and muscular diseases and disorders. The metabolization of energy and the production of reactive oxygen species seem to help many neurodegenerative disorders and improve the brain's ability to survive the physical and metabolic trauma associated with these conditions.


Due to its effects of energy input, one of the possible side effects is insomnia. This would be avoided by not consuming it in the afternoon or evening, in case of not doing physical effort.



It has been valued since pre-Inca times, used as natural energizers in the performance of their work, avoiding the fatigue of the daily routine, and increasing resistance in their metabolism.


The human body requires a total amount of 2 grams of creatine daily, of which 50% is synthesized by the body itself while the other 50% must be contributed through the diet. The dose for consumption of maca flutua between 1500 to 3000 mg / day.
Finally, it is recommended to consume 6 capsules of black maca and creatine 3 times a day with food.


Black Maca & Creatine in capsules (120 x 500 mg)



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